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Another Portable Xbox Story

It seems that the news of a Microsoft handheld gaming device just won’t go away. With the details released of the Origami, the story seemingly died, until a San Jose Mercury report claimed this week that Microsoft is working on a handheld to challenge Sony and Apple. The handheld market was once dominated by Nintendo’s Game Boy line for years.

According to the paper, the device won’t hit stores for a year or two. By competing with the PlayStation Portable, which can play games, music, movies and browse the Internet, one would think that a competing device would function the same. Nothing is for sure, since it’s all based on unidentified sources, according to the paper (or maybe just speculation). Apparently though, J. Allard, who spearheaded Microsoft’s efforts with the Xbox 360, will head the handheld project. We’ll have more information as it becomes available.

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