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ARK: Dino Discovery trailer teases kid-friendly adventure

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition Dino Discovery trailer released

Studio Wildcard continues to tease ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition.

Although ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition was delayed slightly on Nintendo Switch, Studio Wildcard is reminding us of the upcoming launch. Today, they shared a new ARK: Dino Discovery trailer. The trailer highlights the new Dino Discovery mode that is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

What’s ARK: Dinosaur Discovery?

ARK: Dinosaur Discovery is a kid-friendly, non-violent adventure exclusive for Nintendo Switch. It features simplified controls that can be played on a single Joy-Con. Young gamers can learn about the real-life dinosaurs featured in ARK.

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Dinosaur Discovery is a free download for all ARK: Survival Evolved owners on Switch. The game will also be available to purchase separately on the Nintendo eShop for those who do not own ARK: Survival Evolved.

When does it launch?

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition for Nintendo Switch launches on November 1 in North America and November 8 in Europe. It comes with hundreds of hours of content including ARK: Survival Evolved and all its massive Expansion Packs: Scorched EarthAberrationExtinction, and Genesis Parts 1 & 2.

Meanwhile, ARK: Dinosaur Discovery for Switch will launch worldwide on November 9.

Watch the new ARK: Dinosaur Discovery trailer below!

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