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The Witcher 15th anniversary celebrated

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It’s a special 15th anniversary accompanied by a remake awaited by fans of the franchise.

When we talk about western RPGs, World of Warcraft or Skyrim always come to mind. But a franchise that for years has been present in the hearts of gamers has been The Witcher. In fact, it’s a franchise that to date has had three award-winning installments and even more spinoffs.

Fifteen years have passed since the original The Witcher game launched on PC. It’s a franchise to which CD Projekt RED owes much of its fame as a major development studio in the industry. Don’t know the franchise? Do you want to know a little more about it? Read on!

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A franchise that started as a series of books

If you don’t know, the video games are based on The Witcher novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski. That’s right! The beginning of the most popular CD Projekt RED series is alive thanks to The Last Wish, a book released seven years after the first book in the series from the popular polish author. These stories have been adapted into a Netflix television show.

However, it’s CD Projekt Red’s video game that has become one of the most popular titles in this universe. Despite its age, it still has an average of 3,000 players on Steam. The Witcher is a very popular game that lasts dozens of hours and allows you to play an adventure unmatched by the games of the genre released in 2007.

The first installment is now 15 years old. Although sequels were released for this series since then, the original The Witcher game can be considered one of the best games ever made by CD Project Red. That’s why they are celebrating this milestone.

CD Projekt Red’s first Witcher is getting a remake 15 years later

Due to this great popularity of the game, as we mentioned yesterday here on Game Freaks 365, CD Projekt RED is developing a remake of the first The Witcher game. The Remake is being developed with Unreal Engine 5. So expect something truly beautiful.

The witcher original game

Although rumors of this remake existed before the release of Cyberpunk 2077, it was a good strategy on the part of the Polish developer to delay the announcement until this historic milestone in the franchise. Without a doubt, it was the best way of celebrating the 15th anniversary of the original game!

The Witcher 4 and more

We can conclude from all the players who have played the different releases of the franchise, that it is one of the best RPG franchises. A franchise that has allowed CD Projekt RED to showcase the studio’s natural talent for developing titles. This is why we are excited about the new games that are coming out soon.

With the release of several Witcher games getting closer (but no release date confirmed), there is a lot of excitement among fans. This game will not only offer a new storyline but also the continuation of Geralt’s story.

It will be interesting to see how CD Projekt Red plans to improve upon what made the original The Witcher so successful in terms of gameplay and storytelling elements. We also want to see if the studio can solve the development problems that have arisen so far with another of its franchises: Cyberpunk 2077. With that being said, we can’t wait for this title to come out!

Celebrating The Witcher’s 15th anniversary

In addition to the remake announcement, CD Projekt RED celebrated The Witcher’s 15th anniversary in person. They even invited Przemek Truściński, who originally designed Geralt’s character for the game. The team behind the original got together to reminisce and share stories.

Did you play the original The Witcher game? Are you surprised to hear that it’s already celebrating its 15th anniversary? Share your thoughts with us on the forums!