AtGames Legends Pinball shipments expected in March

AtGames Legends Pinball

AtGames just updated fans who reserved the upcoming Legends Pinball machine.

In an email, the company says that they expect to complete initial shipments in early March. Here is the company’s full statement:

We are continuing to convert reservations to purchases and are expecting available inventory to increase dramatically in the coming weeks. As such, we expect to be able to service all Wave 1 – 3 reservations by the first week of March.

We also have similarly great news for our friends in France and Canada. In France, Just For Games will be distributing Legends Pinball. In Canada, The Brick will be distributing Legends Pinball. Announcements about pre-orders for both France and Canada will go out soon. Pre-orders for those regions will be fulfilled after Wave 3 reservations in the US. Information on opening additional orders for the US and other regions will follow once available.

We thank you as always for your support and look forward to you getting to play the most feature-rich and hotly anticipated virtual pinball machine in its category.

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