Apex Legends Season 8 adds Fuse as latest legend

Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem Fuse

The latest season of Apex Legends is just around the corner. And while fans are able to play the eighth season starting on February 2, details on a new legend were revealed today.

According to Polygon:

Respawn introduced Apex Legends players to Fuse with a new Stories from the Outlands short on Monday. The four-minute video tells the tale of Fuse’s love affair with explosives, which dates back to a childhood episode in which he and his best friend uncovered “a bloody beautiful grenade” that once belonged to the freedom fighters on their home planet, Salvo. Fuse and his pal go on all kinds of adventures together — to the tune of an ’80s hair metal-esque song — but their relationship begins to fracture when the Australian-accented macho man enters combat in Salvo’s fighting pits.

Salvo eventually joins the group of Syndicate planets, much to the dismay of Fuse’s friend, who grew up revering the aforementioned freedom fighters. Right then, Fuse walks up and announces that he’s leaving Salvo for the Apex Games. He proposes a truce, but she’s frustrated and angry — and starts a fight. At the end of their tussle, Chekov’s grenade goes off, and Fuse awakens to find his right arm blown off.

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In addition to the start of Season 8 on February 2, Apex Legends is celebrating its second anniversary. And while there’s plenty of debate about whether Apex Legends is better than Fortnite, one thing is for sure: the game keeps getting better.

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Now we just need that Nintendo Switch version to come out already!

Watch the latest Stories from the Outlands below:

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