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Atlas Sea of Wonders update now live for PC and Xbox consoles

The Atlas Sea of Wonders update begins the Wonder system, six new geographic areas, three new ships, portals to quick travel, and more.

Grapeshot Games has announced the release of a new upgrade for Atlas, an open-water pirate adventure. Atlas: Sea of Wonders, the latest update, adds a slew of new material to the game, providing plenty of hours of entertainment for all Pathfinders out there.


Today’s patch provides the groundwork for the first Wonder, which will be included in the next patch. Wonders are large, unique constructions that provide the managing firm permanent great bonuses! Each Wonder can only exist once per server, giving the firm that creates it enormous bragging rights.

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Cursed Temple

Players can begin creating Monuments while waiting for the Wonder system to completely activate by utilizing unique resources located at the new Power Nodes. Following the collection of these resources, players can construct one of three big scale, customizable Monuments: Cursed Totem, Burial Mound, or Cursed Temple.

New regions and portals

With this latest version, the game has also grown in size. Rookie Cove, Central Waters, South America, Africa, Antarctica, and the North Pole will all be new locations for us to explore. Because we now have a wider world to play on, the creators have developed portals, which we can discover on the map, that will enable us to travel between various regions much faster.


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Three new ships are now available for construction at the shipyard: the entry-level Cog, the highly customizable Carrack, and the swift and deadly Harrier. Once again, Atlas pirates make their mark in this large open globe by building bespoke ships, searching for buried riches, sieging and conquering strongholds, plundering wandering merchants, and then recruiting a crew to join their formidable Armada and embark on the ultimate pursuit for money and glory.

The Atlas: Sea of Wonders update is now available on PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. It supports cross-platform fights.

Watch the new update trailer down below!