Battle Flip Shot, Bang Bead added to ArcadeNet

AtGames Legends Ultimate arcade machine

AtGames has added two new games to ArcadeNet for the Legends Gamer and Ultimate line of at-home arcade products. The new titles are Battle Flip Shot and Bang Bead.

The AtGames Legends Ultimate and Legends Gamer home arcade machines come with built-in games. (Be sure to read our Legends Gamer Pro review to learn more.) However, AtGames also has a subscription streaming service called ArcadeNet. These two new games are coming to the ArcadeNet service.

Bang Bead

Bang Bead is a puzzle game that was originally released on September 15, 2000. It comes from publisher and developer Visco. Here’s how AtGames describes it:

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This sequel to Battle Flip Shot refines the previous game’s formula. It stays a high-speed battle Pong game like the original, but adds a new condition for KOing the opponent: each player’s goal zone is protected by an impenetrable laser field, which stays in place until player takes out all of the stars in front of it by hitting them with the ball. Only then can the player win the match by knocking the ball into the opponent’s goal zone. This adds a new comeback mechanism, letting even players who have lost all their stars win the match. Each character has three primary actions: the A button lets the player shove the ball forward; the B button performs a volleyball-style dash in the direction the stick is pointed; and the C button lets the player use a unique super move if they’ve built up enough super meter.

Battle Flip Shot

Battle Flip Shot was first released on May 20, 1998. It also comes from the developer and publisher Visco. Here’s how AtGames describes it:

Battle Flip Shot is a 2D arcade game, a descendant of Pong. The player chooses one of the 5 available characters (Chinta Nemoto, Siren, Saimon, Bloody Wolf and Mr. Justice). Each character has his own special attack (performed by pressing the A button while deflecting the ball). The player is on his half of the court, reflects the incoming ball and must hit the “jewels” (stars, etc.) at the end of the enemy’s line.