Beholder 3 is coming to Steam in March

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Beholder 3

Step into Frank Shwarz’s shoes in the third edition of this twisted dystopian universe.

Beholder 3 will be available on Steam in March, according to Alawar Premium and Paintbucket Games. Players will enjoy a return to the original Beholder‘s point-and-click action in this latest sequel.

Let’s get back to this twisted dystopian reality

In Beholder 3, you will take on the role of Frank Schwarz, a husband and father who has lost his secure job at the Ministry after being set up. The only way out is to strike a bargain with a high-ranking security official. When a high-ranking security official spares him from jail, he becomes a pawn in her scheme.

Beholder 3

Now you must eliminate everybody who stands in the way of his hidden intentions while also attempting to reclaim your life while working two jobs. No renter, employee, or supervisor is immune to his eavesdropping. A totalitarian regime in which everything and everyone is controlled by draconian laws, complete monitoring, and intimidation.

“We had played the Beholder games back when they came out and loved them for telling stories of human tragedies in an inhumane system in an entertaining and clever way. So naturally, when given the opportunity to develop Beholder 3, we felt extremely honored and excited,” said Jörg Friedrich, the CEO at Paintbucket Games.

Beholder 3 retails for $14.99 on PC via Steam. It’s expected to launch on March 3rd. Players may already add the game to their Steam wishlist.

Watch the game trailer down below!