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Madragora is a new Metroidvania coming to PC and consoles

Madragora is a new Metroidvania coming to PC and consoles

It’s time for a challenging new 2.5D Metroidvania.

Primal Games Studio and Marvelous Europe announced today that their new game, Mandragora, will be available shortly on PC, Switch, and next-generation platforms. Mandragora is a story-driven 2.5D action RPG set in a realm of breathtaking brushstrokes and unavoidable sorrow that will be difficult even for Metroidvania veterans.

A challenging Metroidvania

Humanity has given the earth to monsters in Mandragora. People hide behind brick walls and ignorant palisades created by their leaders. Joy and happiness are prized treasures that are out of grasp for the majority of people.

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He walks across a deteriorating planet, succumbing to the destructive impacts of Entropy. Fight ferocious adversaries, face up against one-of-a-kind and lethal bosses, meet new allies, enemies, and every subtlety in between, and make difficult moral decisions.

To acquire additional enhancements, players must locate craftsmen to join their growing caravan. Grow plants to make useful potions and create strong weapons, armor, and trinkets to aid you on your journey. All while mastering the punishing side-scrolling action as one of many distinct classes and customizing your character’s active talents via a rich and rewarding character development system.

Mandragora is presently under development and will be available for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Steam in the near future. Players may now add Mandragora to their Steam wishlist in anticipation of the game’s eventual release.

Watch the game trailer down below!