Best Books to Read in Skyrim

These are some of the best books to read in Skyrim. Tamriel is home to many acclaimed authors and reading their work immerses you all the more. The works of literature on this list are not skill books or those that give you new quests. These are simply some of the most interesting and beautiful books that any fan of literature should read. Learning more about the lore of The Elder Scrolls is also easier when you do your research. By that, I mean reading a lot of books.

Night Falls on Sentinel

Best Books to Read in Skyrim

This is a book about an old man who previously was someone who took care of things if you know what I mean. A hitman, if you will. This book by Boali tells the story of a man who now resides in the city of Sentinel. It’s not a long read, and the story will keep you engaged.

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The Wolf Queen series

An Illustration of the Wolf Queen,

The Wolf Queen comes in parts. There are about five books scattered around the world for you to purchase from merchants. This is the story of Queen Potema and you may have heard of this name before. This lady is part of a series of intriguing quests in Solitude. In fact, Potema was a princess of Solitude in the olden days. This series is one of the most compelling in the game.

While they don’t give you any side quests to complete, the actual quests that are associated with the Wolf Queen will be much more enjoyable when you know better of her. And as you read this, you will also realise that there are some references to another critically acclaimed book series of the real world. And this Wolf Queen is actually very similar to a certain evil lady from the said franchise.

The Book of the Dragonborn

You are the Dragonborn. But even you don’t know much of your kind in the game because you’re of no renown. A knowledgeable person must be familiar with one’s history, and the Book of the Dragonborn is very important. You can find a copy on your way out of Helgen at the very start of the game. This book descriptively explains the previous Dragonborn emperors of Tamriel and the history of all this Dragon blood business. An essential book, really.

The Death Blow of Abernanit

This is a poem book. It tells the historical story of the Battle of Abernanit. If you’ve previously played The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, you might be familiar with this story. That’s because Abernanit was a stronghold associated with House Dagoth of Morrowind. And I’m sure Morrowind players are only too familiar with the name “Dagoth”. This is a beautifully written poem and it’s historically important, too.

The Woodcutter’s Wife

The Best Books to read in Skyrim

The Woodcutter’s Wife is a book that is somewhat different from the historical works of literature on this list. Instead, it’s a story that takes the form of a folk tale. It’s a short read and the best thing about it is how intriguing it is. The tale is mysterious and you can finish reading it over a hot cup of tea. It’s one of my favorite books from the game.

The Cake and the Diamond

The Best Books to read in Skyrim

This is a story about an alchemist, and this is actually an Alchemy skill book that grants you a permanent level in the skill. But that’s only a part of the reason why you should read it. The alchemist in this book is actually a famous and important person in the subject You can even meet this famed alchemist in the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Reading this book will let you know that this non-essential character of the classic game is far more important and intelligent than she seems.