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Best Heavy Armor in Elden Ring

While armour is actually not mandatory for survival in FromSoft games, wearing it might save your life. These are some of the best heavy armor sets in Elden Ring that provide superior protection while looking fashionable.

Bull-Goat Set

Best Heavy Armor in Elden Ring Bull-Goat Set

Probably the heaviest and sturdiest armour set in the entire game, this set looks rather unique. Worn by the legendary Great-Horned Tragoth who aids fellow Tarnished in their battles, a warrior who dons this armour can withstand heavy blows without flinching. Its poise is the best out of all other sets in the game. In order to get the set, you must progress the Volcano Manor questline.

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Tree Sentinel Set

Best Heavy Armor in Elden Ring

Worn by the fearsome Tree Sentinels, this golden armor set might be one of the best-looking ones in the game. With a helm that has a tree decoration, this set is only reserved for the most powerful of warriors. You may have encountered Tree Sentinel knights riding atop their giant stallions that wear this set. To obtain it, you must explore Auriza Hero’s Grave in Altus Plateau thoroughly.

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Veteran’s Set

This set of armour looks somewhat similar to the Banished Knight set, which is also an excellent heavy armour set. An aged commander named Niall wore this armour, and you can obtain it by clearing out Castle Sol on the Giants’ Mountaintop and speaking to Enia at Roundtable. It’s one of my personal favourite sets because of its rugged look, and it did help me survive a number of encounters against powerful monstrosities. Plus, its cape looks really good, too.

General Radahn Set

Best Heavy Armour in Elden Ring

What more needs to be said about the legendary Starscourge Radahn? This set of intricately designed armour fits only those who proved themselves better against the mightiest demi-god of them all. After defeating the general, speak to Enia at the Roundtable to buy the set. It’s one of the most popular sets of armour in the game.

Lionel’s Set

Best Heavy Armour in Elden Ring

Another one of my favourites, this armour was worn by Lionel the Lionhearted, a man closely associated with Fia, the Deathbed companion. You can find it near the Lower Capital Church in Leyndell. Other than its unique, stout look, it provides great protection against many attacks. It’s ridiculously heavy, though.

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