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Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier talks GTA VI release date

GTA 6 rumours

The newest reports regarding Grand Theft Auto VI, according to Jason Schreier, are genuine. The next installment might not arrive until 2024 or 2025.

Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier has spoken out in response to a series of rumors shared by Tom Henderson. All of this has been revealed via a succession of tweets from an account that has reported on a variety of Rockstar-related topics. This includes, among other things, the cancellation of Bully 2 in order to focus on GTA 6. Tom Henderson, a COD insider, has something to say about the forthcoming chapter of the GTA game.

This piqued the interest of Jason Schreier, a Bloomberg writer who had previously remarked on Rockstar’s upcoming game. The information provided by the journalist was slightly skewed, leading many people to believe that the game will be published next year, which Jason Schreier comments on and clarifies through a tweet.

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To this is then added a bit additional information answering queries posed by GTA fans to journalists after reading what Tom Henderson stated.

These latest speculations from Jason Schreier join the previously stated rumors from the aforementioned Tom Henderson that this new GTA 6 game will be situated in modern-day Vice City. We’ll have to wait for official information from Rockstar about the upcoming games, but assuming everything is accurate and 2025 is the release date, we likely won’t see anything about the game for a while.