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Brittney M. Morris joins Insomniac Games to work on new Spider-Man PS5 game

Brittney M Morris

The writer of Subnautica: Below Zero arrives to give her special touch to the California-based studio’s games.

Sony wants the PlayStation 5 to be remembered for its unique games. To do that, they need talent. One of their most important studios, Insomniac Games, just hired a talented writer named Brittney M. Morris.

Previous experience with Spider-Man

Brittney M. Morris, the writer of the critically acclaimed Subnautica: Below Zero, has written a novel for Marvel’s arachnid superhero before. Following the huge success of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, she wrote the official literary prequel to the smash-hit video game.

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Her involvement in the Insomniac team’s work is critical, as the upcoming Spider-Man game is expected to have a more adult tone similar to the novel Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Wings of Fury. The book received solid user reviews.

Insomniac Games’ crew continues to improve, making it one of the most consistent studios in terms of generating amazing video games today.