Call of Duty All in One

Call of Duty: All in One arrives to become the hub of CoD

The Call of Duty community has been on the move a lot in the last few months. We’re talking about old Call of Duty servers revived on Xbox 360 and the Modern Warfare III announcements, of course. But there’s more.

Today, we’re going to talk about a new hub of sorts called CoD: All in One.

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What is Call of Duty: All in One?

Through the community channel on Steam, Activision let us know about a new addition to the franchise called Call of Duty: All in One. It’s a kind of Hub that seems to become the only Call of Duty game where you can play all current and future titles. It brings current and future CoD games together in one convenient place for PC gamers.

Call of Duty All in One

Call of Duty has been in a constant state of flux since the release of Black Ops III. The franchise has gone through many ups and downs that have slowly alienated the community. However, Xbox is looking to turn this problem around after the purchase of Activision Blizzard.

The first we have seen is an update of the servers of the old Call of Duty games that were released on Xbox 360. This has made old and current fans of the franchise put their eyes back on the game. But Activision wants to make things a little easier for all PC gamers.

Through Steam they have announced the creation of Call of Duty: All in One. It is a sort of hub that will serve as headquarters for all current Call of Duty games (games released from 2019 to date), Warzone 2, and upcoming titles in the franchise.

From what is understood in the press release, now all PC gamers will have to enter this hub if they want to play any CoD title. It has already been added to Steam and However, it is not known if it will also come to consoles. Still, many gamers will find it to be a welcome change.