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Valorant mobile beta reportedly coming soon

Valorant makes a lot of noise. Although not as big as Counter-Strike, it is one of the most played FPS games, even ahead of PUBG in some markets. But other FPS titles have a clear advantage: they have a title adapted for mobile. After arriving on the Chinese market, it looks like the arrival of Valorant on the mobile market is imminent!

After many rumors and a lot of waiting from the community, it looks like a new Riot game is coming to mobile. According to a source, the Valorant Mobile Beta will arrive on smartphones in China this month. The title is expected to arrive globally in time for Christmas.

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Leaks and closed betas

Valorant Mobile

Since Riot Games is owned by Tencent, many of its recent releases have been tested in Asian markets or directly in China. But Valorant was never considered for the Chinese market because it didn’t exist!

That’s right.

Valorant was not officially launched in China until a few weeks ago. However, being such a big market, Riot did not hesitate and launched the game in China. After the launch, the mobile gaming community was abuzz with a lot of rumors.

The main rumor? Valorant Mobile is coming true! According to a Twitter user dedicated to sharing Valorant news, the game’s beta is coming this month. However, it will be exclusive to China for the time being.

As we can see from the leaked screenshot of the game, the graphics quality in the beta leaves a lot to be desired. However, the possibility that we will finally have a mobile version of Valorant is welcome news for fans.

As happened with Legends of Runeterra, we could see the global launch of Valorant mobile later this year. For now, at least, we’ll have to wait and see.