Capcom Announces January 2013 Release Date for DmC Devil May Cry

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Capcom announced today that DmC (Devil May Cry), the next installment in the acclaimed action series, will be coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 on January 15, 2013 in North America and Europe.

In addition, PC gamers will be able to pick up the Windows version of DmC – which Capcom assures “the development is well underway”, with the release being targeted for “later in 2013”.

DmC is being developed by the Cambridge-based developer Ninja Theory, who has been working closely with Capcom to deliver the details of Dante’s early years with a slightly “contemporary” theme, though it will be “retaining the stylish action, fluid combat and self-assured protagonist that have defined the iconic series.” Capcom even promises that DmC will “…[inject] a more brutal and visceral edge to the franchise.”

Finally, Capcom confirmed that DmC will be one of its featured titles during this year’s Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, California…be sure to look out for trailers and details in the upcoming weeks.

All that being said, if DmC is indeed “more brutal” and “visceral” than its predecessors, it appears that the beginning of 2013 will have an exciting gem for action fans to look forward to. It may come as a disappointment to fans that were looking forward to a 2012 release, but I think this extra time will not only give Ninja Theory the proper breathing room to deliver the slick action game that fans are really looking for.

(Besides, let’s face it, 2012 is too damn crowded already.)

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