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Chronicles of Tal’Dun: The Remainder is a new dark fantasy visual novel

Chronicles of Tal'Dun: The Remainder is a new dark fantasy visual novel

If you’re a fan of visual novels, you’ll want to check out Chronicles of Tal’Dun: The Remainder.

Indie developer Square Weasel Studio released the dark fantasy visual novel Chronicles of Tal’Dun: The Remainder on PC via Steam recently. The game has not received much coverage, so we wanted to bring it to your attention.

The visual novel comes from a couple in Croatia. The visuals in this are all hand-drawn and beautiful. It’s a true work of art. It’s no slouch in the literary department either with almost 140,000 words and around 50 different endings depending on your choices.

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Here are more details on the game’s story:

This is a story of two magi, Vyn and Ilar, who find themselves trapped in a collapsing tower with their only hope for salvation being a difficult ritual. Or at least that is what Ilar tells you. The thing is – you don’t remember anything, and Ilar’s story makes less and less sense the closer you are to the ritual. Are they hiding things to protect you from the bitter truth, or are they deceiving you for some more nefarious reason?

Guide Vyn’s actions to death and beyond and uncover Ilar’s truth. Are they your colleague, lover or something completely different? Read between the lines of what they are telling you, explore your surroundings for clues and use hands-on deduction to break the viscious circle and set them free.

Although it is getting positive user reviews, the game definitely deserves more love. So if you are a fan of the genre, check it out on Steam.

Watch the gameplay trailer below!