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Collapsed brings post-apocalyptic platforming to Nintendo Switch


The post-apocalyptic roguelike platformer Collapsed officially has a release date on Nintendo Switch.

According to indie developer Glaive Games, players “enjoy numerous unique locations with procedurally-generated levels, hordes of dangerous enemies, and deadly traps. Combat in heated battles will test your skills and reaction time.”

As for the story, they are pretty tight-lipped at this point. Here’s a brief description from Glaive Games:

So what happened to the world? Why was everything destroyed? At first, these questions are left unanswered — but as you complete levels and the game grows more challenging, the history of the world begins to be revealed. You can also come across snatches of the backstory in memory clusters which are randomly scattered throughout the universe. These contain notes, diaries, and other interesting recordings which shed light on the events that took place in certain locations.

Collapsed for Switch launches on August 29. The game was previously released on PC via Steam. The Switch version is only available digitally via the Nintendo eShop. Anyone who pre-purchases the game receives a $2.25 discount.

By the way, it supports handheld mode, TV mode, and tabletop mode. Also, you will need 2.8GB of free space. So be sure that you have the room on your system or SD card before buying.

Watch the Collapsed gameplay trailer below!

Are you a fan of roguelikes? Do you think that a roguelike platformer set in a post-apocalyptic world sounds interesting? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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