Crysis Remastered is now available on Steam

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Crysis Remastered

Players who have the original Crysis game in their Steam library can get their hands on the remastered game today with a 50% discount!

Crytek announced today that the remake of their iconic FPS shooter, Crysis, has arrived at Steam today. Crysis Remastered contains the original renowned shooter’s action-packed, single-player, sandbox gameplay, updated with remastered visuals, high-quality textures, better art assets, and more.

The game ahead of its time.

Face off against an alien invasion while wearing the formidable Nanosuit, which gives incredible strength, armor, speed, and invisibility powers. Choose your own path as you combat opponents on ever-changing battlefields with a massive arsenal of modular weaponry. Owners of the original Crysis on Steam can purchase Crysis Remastered for 50% off today, while owners of Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown can receive an additional 20% discount.

Crysis has meant a before and after of the FPS genre, since with the Cryengine game engine, they have taken to the maximum each and every one of the elements that presented the FPS that were presented the same year of release. To this day, the game is used as a benchmark on PC to test the performance of the components because of how far ahead of its time it was.

Crysis Remastered is available now on PC via Steam.

Watch the launch trailer of Crysis Remastered down below.