Dead Space Remake
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Dead Space Remake gameplay comparison

Dead Space Remake

New Dead Space Remake gameplay has surprised fans of this classic horror game.

Ever since EA announced the Dead Space Remake during EA Play Live 2021, the hype has been building for the first few minutes of gameplay. This classic space survival horror game has a huge fan base. So when EA revealed the gameplay trailer for Dead Space Remake a few days ago, the internet broke.

Today, it’s another day that EA may break the internet, as they have revealed the eight-minute extended gameplay of Dead Space Remake. But it’s not just simple gameplay, EA has made comparisons between the original Dead Space and the remake in this gameplay. This has allowed us to see the graphical and gameplay leap that will be presented to us in January 2023.

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An impressive graphical and playable leap

Lately, the remakes are the order of the day. It could be said that many studios are lacking ideas for new games. But, many of these games that are having remakes are titles with more than 15 years in the market. Therefore, the new generations that can’t access the original games, can do it through these remakes. This has been the ideology that EA has followed with the Dead Space Remake.

Dead Space Remake

Therefore, the EA Motive team wanted to improve the game as much as possible with this remake. They do not want players to see it as a remake of past generations but as a game of the current generation of consoles. Therefore, this new remake brings an avalanche of graphical and playable changes that we can appreciate in the eight minutes of gameplay.

From the modeling of the character to the remake of textures modeled in 4K, make the graphical aspect is something very remarkable. It is even comparable to games released for the current generation of consoles. In the same way, the gameplay has been adapted to achieve better inclusion in the current generations of players. Something that has even been praised by fans of the game series.

Thanks to the comparisons provided by EA in the gameplay, the change between both versions can be clearly appreciated. But the most important thing that we have been able to appreciate is the elimination of loading times between scenarios. Now, we will have a continuous scenario that makes the gameplay much more fluid. Undoubtedly, this new gameplay of Dead Space Remake increases the hype for its release. Even so, we must wait until January 27th to get our hands on this long-awaited remake.

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