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Descenders brings downhill mountain biking to PS4 next month


If you’re a fan of mountain biking, you may have heard of the indie game Descenders. It’s a procedurally-generated downhill biking game.

The game was previously released on PC and Xbox One. You may have seen it featured as part of Xbox Game Pass. Now, it’s coming to PS4 next month – on August 25, to be exact.

Pip Hoskins, the marketing lead at No More Robots, writes in a blog post:

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Descenders puts you behind the handlebars of your very own mountain bike so that you can trick, flip, and scrub through nine different procedurally generated worlds at breakneck speeds. From the Scottish Highlands through to an active Volcano, you’ll need your wits about you to stay on course and land each trick cleanly if you want to make it to the bottom – just one bail could mean the end of your run and game over for you and your rider!

The game is a roguelike at its core, seeing you weaving your way through each world and on to tackle one of the imposing boss jumps before moving on to the next. You’ll only have a certain amount of lives cross each world in, and while you can earn more by completing optional objectives and visiting medic camps, crashing can very quickly drain them – you’ll need to keep both hands on your handlebars to succeed! 

The first Career Mode sees you crossing rolling highlands, twisting forests, rocky canyons, and snow-capped peaks, with a secret volcano world hidden for the best riders to go out and find! If you survive, you can pick up one of the three in-game teams to earn reputation for and ride against the world for a spot on the leaderboards! With enough reputation you can unlock Career Plus, which is a much trickier (and steeper!) set of tracks set across a flowing desert, dense jungle, steep and slippy glaciers, and our favourite environment, the colourful favela!

Have you played Descenders on PC or Xbox One? Do you plan to check it out on PS4? Let us know your thoughts below!