Diablo III Launch Crashes Servers

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The clock ticked down to midnight as fans of Blizzard’s Diablo series eagerly waited for the newest game in the franchise. While thousands of stores stayed open for the midnight launch, gamers that actually bought a copy were undoubtedly disappointed to find that they could not play the game. Stress on the servers caused errors and an inability to login. The company requires a constant Internet connection even though the game can be played single-player.

The issues that began at midnight have continued into the day Tuesday. For a while “Erorr 37” was trending on Twitter. Blizzard says that they are aware of the issues. “Due to tremendous demand for Diablo III at launch, some players have experienced difficulty logging in to the game. Our teams have resolved most of the issues and continue to work on and monitor the game servers to ensure a positive experience for everyone,” the company says.

It should not go without saying that the Diablo III launch was an enormous success, at least so far as sales go. Amazon reports that Diablo III had the most pre-sales ever for a PC game on their site. Blizzard has likewise said that pre-sales are the best they have ever had on their website, which includes last year’s successful Starcarft II launch and all of the World of Warcraft games.

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