Dollhouse is a first-person psychological horror game out now on PC and Switch


Get ready for a psychological horror adventure that will undoubtedly mark your life after playing it.

Soedesco announced today that their first-person psychological horror game, Dollhouse,  is now available on Nintendo’s Switch console and PC. In addition to the game’s release, Soedesco has released a new trailer that reflects the game’s gloom and film noir atmosphere. The game was released a couple of years ago for the PlayStation 4.

A psychological horror game with film noir

This haunting horror game transports you to the mysterious world of film noir. Dive deep into the psyche of Marie, a detective attempting to piece together the mysteries of her past memory by memory. As you strive to survive a stressful game of cat and mouse, utilize the ‘Focus’ option to see through the eyes of your pursuer.

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In the single-player narrative mode, players take on the role of the enigmatic Marie. She was formerly hailed as “The Greatest Detective in the World,” but she now suffers from amnesia and is urgently trying to regain her memories. She must be cautious, though, since something sinister and dark is watching her from the shadows.

A well-developed Switch version

Dollhouse makes advantage of Switch-exclusive features such as a touch screen to browse the menu, HD rumble that syncs with the character’s heartbeat, and a dedicated button for spinning around in an instant.

Dollhouse is now available for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

Watch the new trailer below!

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