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Drill, baby, drill: Oil baron strategy game Turmoil out now on mobile devices


Get rich drilling for oil in this real-time strategy and management game.

Turmoil, Gamious’ latest strategy and management game, is now accessible on mobile thanks to a partnership with LT Games. This aesthetically intriguing game, inspired by the oil boom in 19th-century North America, puts players against cunning opponents in an effort to become a successful oil entrepreneur and city mayor.

Turmoil, a real-time strategy game for lovers of RTS and management games, incorporates real-time strategy action as participants construct their empires. At the town auction, purchase land and detect oil using radiators, moles, or scanners.

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Become the ultimate oil tycoon

Players must build an effective pipeline network to transport and store the oil, as well as purchase wagons and silos to transport and store it. Wait for the proper price to sell it, or enhance the price of oil yourself using natural gas. To increase your oil output, improve your operations like a 19th-century oil baron. Drill through rocks using modern tools and technology, tap into natural gas pockets, and minimize oil leaks.


Turmoil for mobile also contains a brand-new campaign that has the same oil-drilling excitement as the desktop version, but with unique twists and prizes. The presence of magma beneath poses a threat but also presents an opportunity, since uncovering subway relics may result in quick cash, while collecting them all may be more rewarding.

Turmoil is now available for free on Android and iOS devices.