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DS Hit Point Blank

Namco Bandai Games America announced that its classic series Point Blank DS, has shipped to stores nationwide on the Nintendo DS. With its quirky graphics and pick-up-and-play mini games, Point Blank DS is the ultimate portable game for players of all ages! Using the DS stylus as the player’s weapon of choice to shoot down everything from skeletons to clay pigeons, Point Blank DS will be an entertaining test of hand-eye coordination in the most fun and addicting game-on-the-go to hit store shelves this summer.

With stages from all three games in the series being included in the new portable collection, Point Blank DS will have players tap-tap-tapping their way to victory as they take on four different difficulty levels in over 40 different stages including Namco’s popular coin-op arcade series, which has been digitized for the first time. For more screens and information on Point Blank DS, check out the official Namco Bandai Games America website at http://www.namcobandaigames.com/.

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