Dwarfheim, a co-op RTS game, is launching today on Steam

Dwarfheim‘s V1.0 release will contain a slew of new features designed to improve the action-packed RTS gaming experience.

After a lengthy stay in Steam Early Access, Pineleaf Studio, in collaboration with Merge Games, announced today that their RTS title, Dwarfheim, would exit Early Access with the official release of version 1.0. Dwarfheim is the next generation of real-time strategy games, with intriguing asymmetric, co-op game types that will appeal to multiplayer players everywhere, thanks to its dwarf-based characters.

Player roles are essential to the success of your clan in this unique take on the RTS genre, and picking the proper class may make the difference between a spectacular win and a crushing defeat whether playing in co-op or singleplayer mode.

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Version 1.0

Along with gameplay updates and fixes, the V1.0 launch of Dwarfheim will include a slew of new features to enhance the action-packed RTS gameplay experience, with the goal of increasing the number of active players and satisfying the game’s current community, given that both teams involved in the game’s development have been in constant contact with fans throughout the title’s Steam Early Access time.

The following are some of the most notable features that this new version brings:

  • New Survival UI 
  • New upgrade system for defenses
  • Pathfinding applications have been upgraded.
  • A variety of new Thanes, each having its own set of unique powers.
  • Lobbying for parties to remain together after a match has ended.
  • A Complete Survival Overhaul with strong blood moon occurrences including new enemy kinds

Dwarfheim is available starting today on PC via Steam for $24.99. For its official launch, the game is 30% off until October 3.

Watch the launch trailer of Dwarfheim here on Game Freaks 365!

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