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Eagle Eye Golf Swings Away this Fall

Aksys Games, a publisher of interactive entertainment software announced its first game for the PlayStation 2, Eagle Eye Golf for release in the fall of 2006 for $29.99. “Eagle Eye Golf is definitely a golf game for the masses, with its fast and intuitive gameplay,” said Akibo Shieh, President, Aksys Games. “From its wide variety of modes, unlockable items and characters as well as its robust course editor, Eagle Eye Golf will have you playing for hours on end.”

Designed with the casual golf fan in mind, Eagle Eye Golf delivers a fun and fast game of links, yet deep enough to challenge even veteran video game golfers. Play up to 4 players on 7 challenging courses in a variety of game modes such as Mission, Tournament, and even team-based games. The game also features a robust course editor where you can recreate some of the world’s most famous courses with incredible accuracy or you can let your imagination run wild and design your own “out-of-this-world” fantasy courses.

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