Epic Games Store to add cloud saves, mods, wish lists, user reviews, achievements

The Epic Games Store will soon have a number of new features including cloud saves, wish lists, mods, user reviews, and achievements.

After launching in December 2018, the store has been a bit barebones. Updates are planned over the coming months, which will be rolled out in stages. The online game storefront recently added a search feature, notifications for free games, offline mode, and pre-loading.

In the next one to three months, the Epic Games Store plans to add cloud saves, a search by genre and tag feature, native video hosting, and a store page redesign.

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The midterm plans in the next four to six months call for third-party mod support, user reviews, wish lists, additional payment methods, and an in-game overlay that will allow for future functionality for voice chat, Epic friends, and in-app purchases.

Features that are more than six months away include achievements, a store shopping cart, and an overhaul of social features such as friends to improve reliability. Dates have not yet been announced for features like automated refunds and gifting games to friends and family.

None of these features are groundbreaking. Basically, Epic Games Store is just trying to catch up to Steam, which is both a mature platform and the industry leader. But if they can match Steam’s features and functionality while offering competitive prices and much more generous payouts to developers – potentially luring them away from Steam in the process – they may be able to break out in a big way.

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