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Final Fantasy I, II, and III remasters available now on PC, Android and iOS

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster I II III

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, and Final Fantasy III return today with a remastered version on PC and smartphones.

Previously mentioned here on Game Freak 365, the remaster of the first three titles of Square Enix’s legendary saga arrive today on PC and smartphones. The launch of these vintage titles marks the beginning of a series of pixel remasters that will include the six original Final Fantasy games, which inspired a generation of JRPG fans to make accurate recreations of their beloved games.

Cassics adapted to modern technology

Years are not squandered. The original Square Enix masterpieces have reached a certain age, and like with the bulk of vintage titles, it is clear that many years have gone by since their debuts in all areas, both visually and playability.

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The remakes of the first three entries in the series contain famous pixel designs of Final Fantasy characters made by original and current collaborator Kazuko Shibuya, as well as 2D pixel visuals that have been uniformly upgraded and rebuilt for modern technology.

But it’s not only the graphics that have been upgraded. Square Enix recognizes that their early RPGs set a standard and a pattern for others to follow in the industry. Many companies have been influenced by their classic titles in the RPG category, but no one can deny that all of their classic titles in the gameplay category have become somewhat obsolete, which is tedious for many RPG fans, both new and old, due to their slow and undynamic gameplay.

The user interface has been modernized, and auto-battle options, among other things, have been added to the game. Similarly, the player experience has been improved, with features such as the bestiary, an artwork gallery, a music player, and the option to save at any moment.

Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, and Final Fantasy III are all available for purchase on PC via Steam, Android, and iOS devices.