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Fire: Ungh’s Quest brings the Stone Age to Nintendo Switch

Fire: Ungh's Quest

Daedalic Entertainment has released their puzzle adventure game Fire: Ungh’s Quest on Nintendo Switch. This funny and beautifully animated game – first released on Steam in 2015 – follows the Neanderthal Ungh in his search for fire. 

Fire: Ungh’s Quest is the latest game from Daedelic Entertainment. It is an exploratory adventure set in the Stone Age in which you follow likable Neanderthal Ungh on his life-changing quest to find fire. Since falling asleep during his watch and being expelled from his village for allowing the fire to go out, he must atone by seeking a new flame.

He journeys through the Stone Age, encountering a chaotically hilarious tale and solving inventive puzzles. The plot is absolutely text-free, but it also offers an amusing and entertaining adventure. Ungh’s Quest has a unique and delightful atmosphere thanks to ten gorgeous maps and a colorful animated setting.

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The game was previously released in 2015 but finally makes its arrival on the Nintendo Switch for $14.99.

Watch a trailer for the game below!