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Game Freaks 365 Returns

Today, August 2, 2006, is the fourth year of “Game Freaks”. The site that you see today was far from our vision four years ago. A forum site hosted on Proboards.com for free, dedicated to news, reviews and community-based interaction for the Nintendo GCN, PlayStation 2, Xbox and other systems, Game Freaks was never intended to reach this point.

But it has – thanks to our supportive fanbase, which has been with us every step of the way. Game Freaks 365 (now in its third year) may be the second iteration of our community, but the Game Freaks spirit dates back to August 2, 2002 when Kyle Bell was joined by Shawn Kennedy to transform the way gamers could speak their mind.

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With the power of the pen in our news, reviews and editorials, Game Freaks 365 has become a voice for gamers everywhere. Central to our efforts have been the forum. The forum has always been the heart of the site; our bloodline is our community. Viewers can express their views, dissent from staff writers and powerful players in the industry, as well as build friendships.

So as we enter a new chapter of Game Freaks 365, let’s remember what we have been about these past four years under the “Game Freaks” name. Independent, fair, open-minded, friendly and user-friendly are all adjectives you can use to describe us. We may look different visually (and that’s a good thing), but we’re the same site. Please enjoy the new features and be sure to check out the new look on the forum.

In the meantime, be sure to try out everything on the main site. The “Reviews” link will take you to a page listing our total number of reviews per system, the latest review for that system and the most viewed review. “Review Search” is our most impressive new feature. Search our database of reviews by platform, letter, developer, publisher, score, release date, publish date, number of hits, etc. We are still refining these features and we promise that more are on the way. For now, enjoy the site as it is and please be patient as we get our database of 915+ reviews all posted in the new system. Thanks for visiting and supporting Game Freaks 365!