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Game of the Year Tournament: Round 2

Today’s match between Sly 3 (PS2) and Phantom Dust (Xbox) wrapped up a long, contentious first round of the Game of the Year Tournament that was full of surprises. Today’s match didn’t hold any surprise; Sly 3 won comfortably by 40 percentage points. Other blowouts included a 94.1% win by Castlevania (Nintendo DS), 91.3% win by God of War (PS2), 100% win by Brothers in Arms (Xbox), 95% win by Ninja Gaiden Black (Xbox) and a 93.3% win by Quake 4 (PC).

There were several close matches and upsets in Round 1 of the tournament. The closest match was a 50-50 tie between TimeSplitters: Future Perfect (PS2/Xbox) and X-Men Legends II (GCN, PS2, Xbox). Other close matches included Meteos and Nintendogs, both on the Nintendo DS which garnered 51.4% and 48.6% respectively. #4 seeded Battlefield 2 lost in an upset to We Love Katamari by nearly 10 points. Far Cry Instincts squeeked by Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Call of Duty 2 easily nudged Medal of Honor: European Assault. Wario Ware: Touched! surprised #2 seeded Advance Wars: Dual Strike while Battlefront II put some hurt on Treasure’s cult-classic remake, Gunstar Super Heroes.

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Round 2 of the tournament promises to be just as exciting as the first. Some potential matches to watch include today’s matchup of Resident Evil 4 and Jade Empire, Meteos and We Love Katamari, Burnout Legends and Gran Turismo 4, Ninja Gaiden and Far Cry Instincts, F.E.A.R. and Brothers in Arms, SOCOM 3 and Mario Kart DS, and Castlevania and Perfect Dark Zero. To check out the results of First Round matches or to check the upcoming matches for Round 2, please click this link. If you would like to discuss the tournament in the forum, please visit this topic.