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God of War was very close to being a first-person game

God of War PlayStation 2

For almost four months of its development, it was considered that the mythical PlayStation 2 classic, God of War, would be a first-person video game instead of its iconic third-person perspective.

God of War, one of the most beloved classics of the PlayStation 2 era after its release in 2005 and which continues to set trends in the video game world today, was very close to being different from what we know now.

David Jaffe, a veteran video game developer with a large library of successful games under his belt and creator of the first God of War trilogy, confirmed a few days ago via his YouTube channel that Kratos’ adventure might have been in first person.

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God of War from a different perspective

During the first months of development, the first Kratos adventure was conceived as a title with a first-person camera, which would have drastically altered the saga’s journey. God of War, being of the hack ‘n slash genre, would not have given us the same sense of mystery that it does when we play in third person.

“For three months, I was seriously considering going first-person. The game I was looking at was a Dreamcast game. It wasn’t the best game in the world, but it was one of the few games where I saw melee combat done well in a first-person perspective,” David Jaffe said in the YouTube video.

“I thought it would be a cool way to differentiate… But I think ultimately it became difficult to get the kind of emotion, combat, and character-building that I was hoping to do. So I can’t imagine that idea surviving long enough to present it to Tim Moss, the lead programmer,” he adds explaining the reason why they decided to scrap the first-person idea.

Now that we know a little bit more about God of War‘s history and first-person camera, it’s impossible not to be intrigued by the prospect of playing a God of War game this way. Could it work? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Watch David Jaffe’s YouTube video down below!