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Got Game Announces RHEM 2 for July

Got Game Entertainment today announced a July 14, 2005 release date for the North American release of “RHEM 2”, an intricate pure-puzzle first person adventure game, and the sequel to the popular “RHEM”. Made for PC and Mac, “RHEM 2” rejoins Zetais and Kales as they now explore a hidden city in underground caves far beneath the earth’s surface. Set as a direct sequel in story and gameplay to its predecessor, “RHEM 2” features non-linear gameplay, a non-violent story, and mind-bending puzzles. The game will retail for $29.99.

Having discovered entry to a hidden underground city, “RHEM 2” players will venture ever deeper beneath the earth’s surface, exploring a maze of clandestine caves, secret rooms, intricate walkways, tunnels and water systems. In this place of atmospheric ambient sounds, players will hear whistling wind and haunting echoes in the caves, the rush of water in underground ports, and the rhythmic sound of machines and railway cars moving through the subterranean maze. Marveling at beautifully detailed environments while solving clever puzzles, “RHEM 2” players search for an enigmatic artifact that must be found before returning to the surface.

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