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GPX2 now called GP2X

Game Park Holdings searched for a better name for their successor
to the GP32, but it looks like they did not find one. The GPX2 will
now be called GP2X. A first video of a devboard running an emulator
and playing a video is now availiable at http://www.gpx2.com/pds/pds.asp.
Other recent news says that the system will come with two free demos
or even full games and there will definitely be 3D games on it. With
Allack (http://www.allack.co.uk/),
another online retailer has picked up the new handheld.

At the same time Game Park (different company than GPH) is
finalizing the design of the XGP, the other GP32 successor. It will be
a PSP-like handheld both in power and design with an analog stick and
a screen that can be turned around like on some mobile phones. A video
of two design variants of the XGP can be downloaded at http://www.gpzigi.com/download/xgp.wmv.
The XGP has a planned release date of early next year.

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