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Hellpoint Free GOG

The action RPG Hellpoint, similar to the Dark Souls saga, is free right now on GOG. But you’ll need to claim it within the next day.

After less than a year since the release of Hellpoint, and its arrival on both next-gen consolesSwitch and Stadia, Cradle Games and Tiny Build has given fans a gift. We will be able to download the game for free on GOG for 48 hours (and more than half of that has already elapsed).

As is typical with these kinds of promos from CD Projekt RED’s digital store, you’ll need to create an account and click the “Request Your Copy” box. At that point, you will be sent to the main page to request it, and it will become a permanent part of your account. Easy peasy!

The game is an action RPG that, thanks to its combat system, is quite similar to Dark Souls. Players find themselves in a unique situation that was once a keystone in human evolution but has since been disturbed by possible extradimensional creatures that must be eradicated at all costs.

Those who find the adventure too difficult can seek the assistance of a second player thanks to a local and online cooperative multiplayer. It will also be possible to add another challenge to the action with the multiplayer’s competitive mode in which up to four players may battle against each other.

My Take

It’s a free Souls-like game. What’s not to like?

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