Hi-Fi Rush
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Hi-Fi Rush is full of easter eggs, cameos, and references to other games

The creators of Ghostwire: Tokyo have filled their new game, Hi-Fi Rush for Xbox Series X|S and PC, with easter eggs and references to other games.

Tango Gameworks is a developer that is little known to some gamers. However, behind this team, there are big names in the industry. So, with the surprise announcement of their new game at the latest Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Direct, a great game was to be expected.

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But what no gamer expected was the great number of references and cameos in Hi-Fi Rush. Resident Evil, The Evil Within, and Midnight Cowboy are some of the works of pop culture and video games with cameos and references in Hi-Fi Rush.

References, cameos, easter eggs

Tango Gameworks, surprisingly, has released a new game after announcing it in the last Developer_Direct made by Xbox and Bethesda. Hi-Fi Rush is a title where keeping the rhythm is the most important thing. And what at first seemed like just another has now surprised many gamers.

The game is full of easter eggs and little secrets that many players have been surprised to find. But since there are so many, a YouTube channel has taken the task of compiling each one of them in a video of almost seven minutes. KingSgaming has managed to collect not only little secrets and easter eggs but some of the cameos and references to other great games of the industry and visual works.

Hi-Fi Rush is full of easter eggs, cameos, and references to other games

There are nods to Resident Evil and The Evil Within, although, this second game is the one that has more references within Hi-Fi Rush. Even so, all these references and cameos are not artificially placed. Each one of them is well inserted in the mechanics, scenarios, and story of the game. Therefore, it is a pleasure to invest your time looking for each one of them.

If you haven’t tried Hi-Fi Rush yet, what are you waiting for? It’s free with an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Watch this video to see all the easter eggs and secrets hidden in Hi-Fi Rush!