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How to Complete Boc’s Quest in Elden Ring

In this guide, you will learn how to complete Boc’s Quest in Elden Ring. Boc is a Demi-human who struggles with dissatisfaction with his look. In this quest, you can help him get through it.

How to Complete Boc’s Quest in Elden Ring

Depending on your choices, the conclusion to Boc’s story will vary. With this guide, you will be able to get the best possible outcome for his story. This guide obviously contains some spoilers.

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Where to find Boc

How to Complete Boc’s Quest in Elden Ring
He’s where the NPC marker is.

When venturing out in Limgrave, you may hear a timid voice calling for you.

“Oi! You there! Could you help us out, cully?
You, yeah, you there! Stop pretending you can’t see me.”

Looking around, you will find no apparent source for the voice. Except, there will be a rather distinctive bush nearby. By either attacking it or dodging it, you can reveal the source of this meek voice.

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Speak with him to uncover that he was exiled from the Coastal Cave in Western Limgrave. The Demi-humans there rudely threw him out of the cave and even took everything he owned. Talk about picking on the helpless…

But he’s not as impolite as the demi-humans that threw him out, as he gifts you with ten Mushrooms as gratitude.

The Coastal Cave

After discussing his misfortune with you in Limgrave, he will go back to the Coastal Cave in an attempt to reclaim his items. You must also make your way there to continue his story. Alas, Boc will be wounded and defeated once again when you enter the cave. The formidable demi-humans attacked Boc and left him to die.

You can play the good Samaritan once again and recover Boc’s lost items for him. To do this, explore the cave thoroughly and defeat the Demi-human chiefs to obtain a Sewing Needle and some Tailoring Tools.

Now you can go back to Boc and make his day once again. He will be very grateful. You have now successfully completed the first section of Boc’s quest.

The Lake-Facing Cliffs of Liurnia

“Good to see you! Master. Do you remember me? Boc, the demi-human. You helped me before, and retrieved my sewing needle.”

After defeating the bosses at Stormveil Castle and entering the Liurnia region, you will encounter Boc once again, who’ll greet you with the above dialogue. He will start calling you ‘Master’ from then on and will promise to adjust your garments for free.

Now you have a personal seamster, congratulations.

Melina’s opinion on Boc

“Your seamster, Boc… I see him crying, from time to time. I think he misses his mother. He wants someone to tell him he’s beautiful. Does being born of a mother… Mean one behaves in such a manner?”

Talking to Melina at either East Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace or Altus Highway Junction (these are the locations I encountered this dialogue. Boc himself also appears near these two Sites of Grace) reveals that Boc is pained because he thinks his appearance is not beautiful.

You can use the Prattling Pate “You’re beautiful” to tell Boc he’s beautiful. You can find this in the Hermit Village at Mt. Gelmir. You may use this item after progressing a bit further in his quest.

Altering the garments of Demi-Gods

Boc will state that he’s unable to alter the legendary outfits of the Demi-Gods because he doesn’t possess the required tool to do so. In order to unlock this piece of dialogue, you first need to own a Demi-god’s attire. To get one, you can talk to Enia at the Roundtable Hold after defeating Demi-gods like Radahn or Malenia, for example.

Obtaining the Gold Sewing Needle

In order to progress Boc’s quest, you need to obtain the Gold Sewing Needle from the Church of Vows in Liurnia. The location is given below.

How to Complete Boc’s Quest in Elden Ring

Give this to Boc and he’ll be ecstatic. Now, he will be able to modify Demi-God attire for free.

The East Capital Rampart of Leyndell

How to Complete Boc’s Quest in Elden Ring

This is the last location where Boc will move to. He will stay here indefinitely until you gift him the Gold Sewing Needle.

After giving him it, he will also ask to call you, ‘My Lord’. At that point, it’ll be apparent that he possesses quite the adoration for you. By letting him call you that, you will obtain the ‘My Lord’ Gesture.

Near the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace, Boc will voice his displeasure with his appearance. He will say that he wants to change his appearance with the help of Queen Rennala at the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

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You can give him a Larval Tear to make him go visit Rennala, ultimately to his doom. When he gets reborn, he becomes as frail and weak as many other Sweetings of Rennala, and he will die… This is the bad ending for his quest. He will no longer be able to serve you, and he will meet a tragic end.

Instead of giving him a Larval Tear, you can use the Prattling Pate “You’re Beautiful” to tell him that he’s beautiful just the way he is. Boc doesn’t need to look ‘better’ just to be at the side of his lord. Honor him, accepting him as he is.

He will be eternally grateful and will remain so if you do this. After becoming the Elden Lord, you will have your own seamster and friend with this good ending.


Congratulations, you have completed Boc’s questline successfully. This is a beautiful story of self-acceptance, and it has one of the few happy endings, depending on your choices.

The maps in this article are from this interactive map of Elden Ring.