How to get the Crucible Knight armors in Elden Ring

Here’s how to get the Crucible Knight armors in Elden Ring. The two sets of Crucible Knights are very fashionable and powerful. Here’s where you can get them and also their stats. This article also includes the locations of the two bosses that you must defeat in order to get the sets, obviously. And some tactics that will help you with killing them will also be included.

Crucible Knight Ordovis

How to get the Crucible Knight armours in Elden Ring

Auriza Hero’s Grave is the location where you can find this boss. It’s located on the outskirts areas of the Capital City, Leyndell.

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How to get the Crucible Knight armours in Elden Ring
The location.

This Crucible Knight has another knight assisting him. That knight wields a spear and they’re related to the boss I will discuss further down. Enter the arena and summon a strong Spirit Summon. I recommend Banished Knight Oleg or someone as powerful. It’s very difficult to defeat both of them by yourself. Ordovis wields a shield and a sword. If you kill the knight with the spear, you can parry Ordovis easily. In fact, it’s very easy to parry the Crucible Knights that wield swords and shields, especially with the invaluable Buckler Shield. Upon defeat, he will drop Crucible Axe Set and the Ordovis Greatsword.

Crucible Axe armour set and the Ordovis Greatsword.

How to get the Crucible Knight armours in Elden Ring
The armour set.

Helm weighs 6.6. It provides a physical damage resistance of 6.3.

Gauntlets weigh 5.2 and their damage resistance is 4.4.

Greaves weigh 9.6 and the damage resistance is 9.6.

Armour weighs 15.5 and provides a physical damage resistance of 17.5.

This set also enhances Aspects of the Crucible incantations.

The greatsword.

This sword weighs 12 and its base physical damage is 107. When fully upgraded, it can deal 262 physical damage.

Crucible Knight Siluria


Crucible Knight Siluria is one of the best optional bosses in Elden Ring. This knight can be found in the Deeproot Depths. Because she wields a huge spear, it’s harder to parry her. The best tactic is to dodge and be on the defensive. She will also use Aspects of the Crucible like all other Crucible Knights, but they can be dodged pretty easily. Upon defeat, she will drop Siluria’s Tree (the spear). You can get the armour set she wears by unlocking a chest just behind where she is, after killing her.

Crucible Tree armour set and the Tree Spear.

The armour set.

The weights and the resistances of this set are very similar to the aforementioned set. It’s basically your preference whether to wear this or the Axe set.

How to get the Crucible Knight armours in Elden Ring
The Spear.

Siluria’s Tree spear weighs 10 and its base damage is 90. When you fully upgrade it, it will deal 220 damage, which is lower than that of the greatsword.

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