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ID@Xbox trailer highlights upcoming indie games coming to Xbox Series X

The Falconeer

Microsoft revealed a new trailer on Saturday highlighting ID@Xbox games coming to Xbox Series X.

The company says fifteen indie games are coming first to console on the Xbox. All of them will be optimized for Xbox Series X. The games include The Artful Escape, Shredders, 12 Minutes, Tunic, The Ascent, The Falconeer, and more.

“Games Optimized for Xbox Series X will take advantage of powerful Xbox Series X features,” Microsoft says. The features include “4K resolution at up to 120 frames per second, DirectStorage, hardware-accelerated DirectX ray tracing, little to non-existent load times, and much more.”

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My Take

It’s always good to see companies like Microsoft supporting indie developers. And while this week’s Xbox Games Showcase was focused on first-party titles, it looks like fans will have plenty of indies to look forward to playing on Xbox Series X as well.

Watch the new ID@Xbox trailer below!

Which of these games would you like to play? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!