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Hello Neighbor 2 coming to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Hello Neighbor 2

Tiny Build is working on a sequel to Hello Neighbor called – you guessed it – Hello Neighbor 2.

The sequel has you play as Quentin, a local reporter investigating why people have started to mysteriously disappear in Raven Brooks. A string of discoveries leads you to an abandoned house occupied by a mysterious, raven-like being.

A dynamic AI stalks players as they explore the abandoned house from the original game. The gameplay then expands into the town of Raven Brooks, an open-world sandbox playground. You’ll scavenge for useful items while trying to not get caught.

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“Hello Neighbor 2 features an AI where navigation patterns are fully dynamic,” Tiny Build says. “The mysterious creature will observe the player’s movements and actions and will use that knowledge to prevent players from figuring out the secrets lying within the house and its surroundings.”

The game is developed out of Eerie Guest Studios, which Tiny Build recently acquired. The sequel is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC sometime in 2021. It’s in addition to the Hello Neighbor Animated Series, several books, and an upcoming board game.

My Take

Hello Neighbor has become a large multi-million dollar franchise. So I am sure that fans will be excited to get their hands on the sequel next year. Also, it’s interesting that there is no mention of PS4, PS5, or Nintendo Switch versions. Did Microsoft quietly sign an exclusive deal?

Watch the announcement trailer below!

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