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Kuukiyomi 123+ coming to Nintendo Switch

Kuukiyomi 123+

Play the more than 200 situations that the three Kuukiyomi titles have to offer.

Something well known about the Japanese market is that, in comparison to Western markets, there are many games with ideas that at first sight do not draw attention, but when you see the completed product, many manage to catch the interest of the public in other areas. G-Mode, the Japanese company that has gambled on its home market, will release a collection of three titles from its successful franchise Kuukiyomi: Consider it called Kuukiyomi 123+.

Are you a considerate person?

Because this franchise may be unfamiliar to many, in a nutshell, you must just move the red item on the screen to play in the many difficulties or circumstances that the game has to offer. Most of the time, you will be able to control yourself, but you may also be able to control other things.

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Kuukiyomi: Consider It is best described as a smaller version of Wario Ware, with a focus on logic rather than craziness. The main mode is relatively short, taking only approximately 25-30 minutes to complete. It offers you a six-category score at the conclusion of the game, so you can see how effectively you’ve executed your thoughts, how well you’ve blended in with other humans, and how quickly you’ve thought things through.

All of this has resulted in the popular franchise Kuukiyomi: Consider It being presented in a series of three installments, which are part of an amazing collection in which we will see the different modes in more than 200 problems or situations where we will have to make it clear whether alone, with a friend, or with someone you like… you will find things to think about.

Kuukiyomi 123+ is available for pre-order on Playasia, where we can reserve the collection of the three main titles, which will be available in English for $31.99. The game is set to launch on November 25 in Japan. Because the Switch is a region-free system, it is also playable on American and European consoles.