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Laqueus Escape coming soon to iOS devices as Android receives update

Find the exit in this new puzzle escape game for mobile phones.

After a lengthy wait, Laqueus Escape for iOS devices will soon be available. SmartCode’s free-to-play adventure puzzle escape room game, which was originally published for Android, will be available for iPhone and iPad in mid-December. Meanwhile, Android users will receive a free update.

Don’t waste time and get out of there!

In Laqueus Escape, we find ourselves overnight in a different and odd area. After asking the standard questions about how you got there, we will begin to explore around for clues, use random objects, and solve puzzles to help you (hopefully) escape.

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The game, which was previously only available for Android, received new upgrades today. So the iOS version will include these updates, new chapters, and all of the excellent material that has been received by the Android version since its premiere.

Laqueus Escape will arrive on iOS devices for free on December 15. The game is already available for free on Android.