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Lost in Blue Ships

Konami America today shipped Lost in Blue for the Nintendo DS. The innovative RPG takes players on a journey of survival, adventure and mystery as they take part in numerous activities — such as fishing, hunting, trapping and cooking — that make living on the island fun. Additionally, throughout the journey, players will encounter innovative mini-games that utilize the technological capabilities of Nintendo DS — including the touch screen technology, microphone, and, for the first time, the ability to close the lid during gameplay.

“Lost In Blue takes full advantage of the DS as it provides a gaming experience that is filled with all different types of adventures and surprises,” said Jason Enos, Product Manager at Konami America. “By providing an ever-changing storyline with tremendous replay value, the title delivers a stimulating and inventive style of gameplay that is sure to make it one of the major surprises for the new system.”

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Lost in Blue follows the relationship of the hero and the heroine who are trapped on a mysterious deserted island after a disastrous incident at sea. The young hero of the game awakens to find himself on a seemingly uninhabited island. After meeting another survivor, a 17-year old girl who has also drifted ashore, the two must work together to survive. While planning their escape, the two will learn survival skills, such as hunting, searching for food and building tools while uncovering the island’s many mysteries.