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Ministry of Broadcast has new Switch release dates for digital, physical editions

Ministry of Broadcast

PM Studios announced today that Ministry of Broadcast has new release dates for its digital and physical versions on Nintendo Switch.

The game – which I have described as an Orwellian Prince of Persia – will see a physical release on May 26. That’s a delay from the previously-scheduled date. Meanwhile, the digital release on Nintendo eShop is now set for April 30.

The publisher says that all physical preorders of Ministry of Broadcast will now come with a customized steelbook and a collectible box. Currently, preorders are only available at GameStop.

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In my review of the PC version, I recommended the game for fans of classic platformers. The gameplay and graphics are a throwback (in a positive way). The game also gives some commentary on modern society.

Ministry of Broadcast is a fascinating intersection of politics and psychology. It’s also an interesting mix of several video game genres: narrative-driven adventure, classic platformer, and puzzle game,” I wrote at the time.

Hopefully, the Switch version maintains the quality of the PC build.