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Ministry of Broadcast is a new platformer set in an Orwellian dystopia

Ministry of Broadcast

There’s a new indie platformer coming soon called Ministry of Broadcast. It throws you into a dark and foreboding Orwellian world where a wall separates you from your family.

Indie developer Ministry of Broadcast Studios says that they drew inspiration from classic platformers, such as Prince of Persia (1989) and Oddworld: Abe’s ExoddusMinistry of Broadcast “revives the spirit of classic cinematic platformers where players need nimble run-and-jump reflexes to avoid mortal dangers, and a sharp mind to discern the real-life parallels.”

Here’s more on the game’s backstory from the small indie studio based in the Czech Republic:

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The Wall divides both a country in two and a man from his family. To see them again, our ginger-haired protagonist has become a contestant on “The Wall Show,” a Regime-organized TV show allowing competitors the opportunity to escape to freedom on the other side. However, as he progresses through the camp, our contestant soon realizes exactly how the Regime and the show operate.

Ministry of Broadcast is set to launch on January 30 on PC via Steam. The game will retail for $14.99. It will have a 10 percent launch discount, bringing the cost down to $13.49.