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Monster Hunter Rise x Sonic the Hedgehog Collaboration is available now

The Monster Hunter Rise - Sonic the Hedgehog Collaboration

Monster Hunter Rise continues to receive collaborations with other games. This time it is the turn of our friend the blue hedgehog.

Capcom and Sega have announced that another collaboration commemorating Sonic The Hedgehog‘s 30th anniversary is now available. Monster Hunter Rise welcomes Sonic with special items from Sonic games.

Gotta go fast to kill all the monsters

This free special event will allow you to gain an armor that will allow you to customize our hunter’s look with Sonic-related elements, as well as the potential of changing our Palico into Sonic. We can also give our Palamute an appearance based on the blue hedgehog’s closest buddy, Tails.

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The Monster Hunter Rise - Sonic the Hedgehog Collaboration

The wonderful thing about Palico’s new armor is that it will appear to be Sonic himself killing foes, since it can do the Spin Dash and even turn into Super Sonic, unleashing all the power of the seven emeralds of chaos.

All of this and more are now accessible in the Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch. Players who want to play with Sonic in Capcom’s legendary series on PC will have to wait until January 12, 2022.

Watch the launch trailer of the collabortion down below!