Most Unhinged Psychopaths in Games

These are our picks for the most unhinged psychopaths in games. Because of their utterly chaotic (or extremely strategic and tactical) behavior, many players have taken a liking to them. But in most occasions, they’re the villains and they make things considerably worse for others.

Vaas Montenegro – Far Cry 3

Most Unhinged Psychopaths in Games

Vaas is the leader of the pirates on Rook Island. He’s a drug-addicted violent man who’s very unpredictable. He doesn’t show remorse for his actions or any sadness. But it’s obvious that he’s extremely mentally disturbed. When he captures prisoners, he likes to toy with them and “explain” various things. Many things he says are very odd but he does have points sometimes. The way he suddenly changes the way he talks is very noticeable. For example, he may be casually talking to you at one moment and he suddenly starts swearing and insulting you. There are points in the game where he explains serious things, albeit in a very violent and chaotic way, and suddenly starts laughing out of nowhere. He sometimes apologises for what he says and tells his prisoners that “they’ll be okay”.

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Lieutenant Keiji Shibusawa – Yakuza 0

Most Unhinged Psychopaths in Games

Keiji Shibusawa is the quietest and calmest lieutenant of the Dojima Family. He rarely talks more than a few words and seems to be a decent man. He doesn’t make jokes, laugh, or show any other emotions, including fear. Despite seeming like the most approachable lieutenant at the beginning, you understand how cold-blooded and remorseless he is. There’s one point in the game where he shoots at some people. In this scene, he doesn’t show any type of feeling or emotion (doesn’t even blink, his eyes are straight on the targets) and casually walks towards the armed assailants. At the end of the game, you understand that he doesn’t care about anyone except himself. He’s a ruthless and power-hungry criminal who refuses to stop at nothing.

Joker – Batman Arkham Franchise

Most Unhinged Psychopaths in Games

Joker is a very obvious entry for a list like this. He lacks remorse and doesn’t show human emotions. At all times, he’s incredibly cheerful. Joker kills, tortures and violates people for laughs. If you played Arkham Knight, you’ll know just how disturbingly horrifying he is. There are next to no crimes that he hasn’t committed. Also, he doesn’t care about his life either, as he wants Batman to kill him, just to make him a murderer who regrets it later. He manipulates and abuses his girlfriend Harley Quinn, and that means he doesn’t care about her either. There’s one side story of Arkham City where Joker sprayed acid on the face of a waitress who spilt something on his expensive suit. He cannot be negotiated with and he’s incredibly dangerous.

Trevor Phillips – Grand Theft Auto V

Trevor is an extremely creepy and violent man. The reason for his insanity might be his troubled childhood. His crimes range from assault to cannibalism and much more. He has committed some of the worst and most disgusting crimes possible, and he doesn’t regret any of it. There are many instances where you feel bad for him and he honestly shows feelings. But in the end, he seems far beyond redemption and his drug use adds to the misery.

Legate Lanius – Fallout New Vegas

Art by DeimosArt

Legate Lanius is Caesar’s right-hand man and his best commander. He’s appropriately known as the Monster of the East. He’s very sadistic and a certain part of the news you hear on the radio proves that further. He once took a weaker squad of Legionaries by beating its commander to death in front of everyone. And he also ordered a tenth of his own men killed by the other nine-tenths. It’s clear that he kills for no reason and rejoices at the sight of people’s suffering.

Mohg, Lord of Blood – Elden Ring

Mohg is the brother of Morgott, who were both shunned and disgraced ever since their births. But Morgott was an honorable king, after all. Mohg pursued to become the Lord of Blood and he kidnapped his own half-brother and forced himself on him. He loves his half-brother in his own twisted way, but it’s nonetheless very disturbing because his relationship Miquella (the half-brother) is not consensual. The Lord of Blood is more or less, purely evil.

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