Ozzy Osbourne PlayStation VR2 ad debuts

The rock legend couldn’t resist the new PlayStation VR headset

The PlayStation VR2 is just around the corner. This peripheral, which many have labeled as the right technology at the wrong time, is making a lot of noise in the industry. And more and more people want to jump on the PlayStation VR2 bandwagon.

One of those who wanted to try this new headset, incredibly, was Ozzy Osbourne, the living metal legend. Therefore, PlayStation has not hesitated to make the new Ozzy Osbourne PlayStation VR2 ad where the singer has tested Horizon Call of the Mountain. And, from what he has shared on social networks, he has had fun playing it!

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The new Ozzy Osbourne PlayStation VR2 ad

As we all know by now, each and every advertisement made by Sony is one to stand up and applaud. It’s impossible to think of an ad in the last five or six years that hasn’t been a total success. And, with the launch of the PlayStation VR2, an ad featuring a celebrity where we could see a little more of how the new headset works was to be expected.

Ozzy Osbourne PlayStation VR 2 ad

Surprisingly, the protagonists of this new ad were none other than Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne! The living metal legend has shared on Twitter that he has collaborated on a new spot with PlayStation. He also let it be known that despite his age, he had fun filming the spot and praised the PlayStation VR2.


In this new Ozzy Osbourne PlayStation VR2 ad, we have not only seen the British singer having fun playing. Also, we could see a little more of the adventure that awaits us in Horizon Call of the Mountain. A game that, despite being the flagship of the PlayStation VR2, has not been the best game decision for this spot. Knowing Ozzy, it was to be expected that he would try a more visceral and action game like The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR.

Still, we can’t deny that the Ozzy Osbourne PlayStation VR2 ad was a lot of fun. In just two days, we will be able to see the first PlayStation VR2 units on the shelves. If you have already reserved this new PlayStation headset, the delivery window is provided from February 22nd – 28th, 2023. Already got yours?