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Mushroom Wars 2 coming to Xbox and PlayStation consoles

Mushroom Wars 2

In this addictively entertaining and competitive RTS title, you may take on your pals with your favorite fungal warriors.

Zillion Whales announced today that the second episode of one of its most popular series would be available for Xbox and PlayStation consoles in January 2022. Mushroom Wars 2 is a dynamic real-time strategy title that features a redesigned UI for contemporary platforms as well as all of the excitement that games of this genre have to offer.

Mushroom Wars expands on its predecessor by introducing heroic characters, reimagined single-player campaigns, and more while retaining the core gameplay mechanics that made the original Mushroom Wars enjoyable.

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Mushroom Wars 2

Whether it’s the single-player story or the gigantic multiplayer battles with up to four players, Mushroom Wars 2 will provide us with combat packed with mushrooms bashing each other’s faces to see who’s the greatest.

Mushroom Wars 2 offers 12 distinct characters from four tribes: the valiant Shrooms, the extraterrestrial Proteus, the Amazonian Shii’Moris, and the necromantic Grims. Choose the hero that best fits your play style and use their particular skills at the appropriate times to conquer the opposing soldiers.

Mushroom Wars 2 is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Seris X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on January 13, 2022.

Watch the game trailer down below!